Aquatic indoor microcosm studies

gaiac has been conducted aquatic microcosm studies to assess acute and subacute effects of plant protection products in ecological risk assessment under GLP conditions in the laboratory since 2008. Direct and indirect effects on natural algae and zooplankton communities are being tested in aquaria of 20 liter. In advantage to outdoor mesocosm studies, these indoor experiments can be conducted independent of any season throughout the year with a test duration up to 3 months. If required, up to 30 microcosms can be used to increase the number of replicas and test item concentrations, respectively.

The studies are offered in cooperation with Fraunhofer IME, Schmallenberg , Harlan Laboratories Ltd., Itingen, CH, and other partners under GLP.

Mikrokosmen gaiac


Strauss T, Hammers-Wirtz M, Memmert U (2010): How useful are aquatic indoor microcosms compared to outdoor mesocosm pond studies for risk assessments? Poster presentation, 20th SETAC- Europe Annual Meeting 23-27 May 2010, Seville, Spain.

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Dr. Tido Strauss
Dr. Monika Hammers-Wirtz


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