Single-species Tests

gaiac offers ecotoxicological bioassays in the laboratory with selected species of algae, macrophytes, invertebrates and fish. In addition to conducting standard test procedures in accordance with the relevant guidelines (OECD, DIN, ISO), we possess experiences in the investigation of acute and chronic effects on other non-standard test organisms. The test organisms and the test design are selected in accordance with the requirements of the client (e.g. in the context of species sensitivity distributions, SSD). Here, different exposure scenarios (peak exposure, static, semi-static, flow-through conditions) can be considered. All tests can be performed under GLP.

Single-species Tests

Selection of available organisms:

Primary producers:

  • Desmodesmus subspicatus, Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata
  • Lemna minor, Lemna gibba
  • Filamentous algae (metaphyton) such as Oedogonium spec., Cladophora spec.

Crustaceans and Isopods:

  • Daphnia magna
  • Other Cladocerans, e.g.Daphnia pulex, Chydorus sphaericus, Simocephalus vetulus
  • Gammarus pulex
  • Asellus aquaticus


  • Chironomus riparius
  • Chaoborus crystallinus
  • Ephemeroptera (e.g. Seratella spec., Habroleptoides spec., Habrophlebia lauta, Epeorus assimilis))
  • Trichoptera (e.g. Sericostoma spec., Hydropsyche spec.)
  • Plecoptera (e.g. Leuctra spec.)
  • Notonecta spec.


  • Danio rerio

Other organisms can be examined on request.

Selected presentations:

Becker D, Classen S, Liedtjens K, Preuss TG, Ratte HT (2011): Sensitivity distinctions of lotic insect larvae exposed to Imidacloprid. Poster presentation, 21th SETAC- Europe Annual Meeting 15-19 May 2011, Milano, Italy.

Liedtjens K, Classen S, Schifflers A, Preuss TG, Ratte HT (2006): Ökotoxikologische Untersuchungen an Fließgewässer-Makroinvertebraten. Poster, SETAC GLB Annual Meeting, Landau, Germany. Liedtjens et al. SETAC Landau 2006

Liedtjens K, Classen S, Preuss TG, Schifflers A, Ratte HT (2005): Aptitude of mayflies as test-organisms in bioassays. Poster, SETAC Europe 15th Annual Meeting, Lille, France.

Strauss T, Hommen U, Hammers-Wirtz (2011): A single species test with the filamentous green algae Oedogonium sp. for higher tier risk assessment. Poster presentation, 21th SETAC- Europe Annual Meeting 15-19 May 2011, Milan, Italy.

Your contact:

Dr. Tido Strauss
Dr. Monika Hammers-Wirtz

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