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Within the framework of the LIFE project “Patches & Corridors” and on behalf of the Biological Station StädteRegion Aachen e. V., the gaiac research institute will carry out the second series of surveys and characterizations of the ground beetle (Carabidae) and web spider fauna (Araneae) of selected open land and forest biotopes in the FFH area 5403-304 “Upper reaches of the Rur” in 2022. At a total of 21 sites, vegetation surveys were also carried out. In a first survey of a total of 15 sites in 2017, 50 ground beetle species (6 Red List species) and 123 spider species (14 Red List species) could already be recorded and assigned to the different habitats. We are excited to see what finds will be ready for us and nature conservation in the Aachen district this year.