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From August 24th to 25th, 2023, the closing meeting of the project “VIBEE” took place. The project, which focused on the development of vitality indicators for honey bees, concluded its work with a successful gathering of various research institutes and industry partners.

The closing meeting provided a platform for presenting the main results of the project. Participants showcased their findings in areas such as bee counting, risk assessment, as well as population and landscape modelling.

At the gaiac Research Institute, we developed a new module for the dynamic vegetation model “GraS-Model” in a case study, aiming to derive nectar and pollen supply data for pollinators based on public GIS data. For those interested, we will present the GraS model in more detail at the ECEM in Leipzig from 04-08 September.

The research outcomes from the project could make a significant contribution to maintaining the health of honey bees, thereby ensuring that bees can continue their roles as pollinators and honey producers despite disruptions such as diseases and pesticides.

As the project reaches its conclusion, participants agreed that the insights gained and partnerships formed will continue to endure.

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