11.05.2022 in News

Meet us at the SETAC Europe 32nd annual meeting in Copenhagen!

The SETAC Europe 32nd annual meeting will take place from 15 - 19 May 2022 as a physical meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark featuring limited virtual components for remote participants. gaiac is…
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03.05.2022 in News

BeeMonitor – Pollutants in bees and bumblebees in cooperation with Serbia

In cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen and the University of Belgrade, Serbia, the two-year project "BeeMonitor" has started. In this project, the pesticide and heavy metal…
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06.04.2022 in News

R2K-Klim – Urban structural parameters for Duisburg

For the municipality of Duisburg, different urban structure parameters have been determined on the basis of RGBI aerial photographs and the normalised digital terrain model (nDOM). Their intersection not only…
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23.03.2022 in News

19th Meeting of the Research Advisory Board

We were very pleased to welcome our advisory board, chaired by Dr. Christoph Schulte, back in attendance for the 19th meeting. As usual, current topics and trends in the research…
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26.01.2022 in News

Expert Panel: Soil Biodiversity at the NMZB

In 2021, the National Biodiversity Monitoring Center (NMZB) started its work. The NMZB brings together stakeholders from research and practice to further develop and anchor nationwide biodiversity monitoring in the…
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20.01.2022 in Nature Conservation

Monitoring of carabids and spiders in the FFH area “Upper reaches of the Rur”

Within the framework of the LIFE project "Patches & Corridors" and on behalf of the Biological Station StädteRegion Aachen e. V., the gaiac research institute will carry out the second…
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