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29.04.2024 in News

Meet us at the SETAC Europe in Sevilla

We are now SETAC Europe Partner and looking forward to attending the 34th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Seville between 05th and 09th May 2024. Meet us at our booth…
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20.12.2023 in Forschung & Entwicklung, News, Research & Development

Research project: Environmental impact assessment of floating photovoltaic systems

Floating photovoltaic systems (FPV) offer great potential for the future regenerative (green) energy mix in Germany. The first systems have already been in use for years, mostly on artificial water…
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23.11.2023 in Umwelt & Naturschutz

Participation at the conference “Nature conservation and agriculture in dialogue 2023: Focus on soil”

The conference "Nature conservation and agriculture in dialogue 2023: Focus on soil" took place at the BfN International Academy for Nature Conservation on the island of Vilm from 13 to…
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01.09.2023 in Nature Conservation, Umwelt & Naturschutz

Pedunculate oak, sessile oak, common beech & co. – What’s growing there?

As part of the National Forest Soil Inventory (NFSI), we are currently carrying out vegetation mapping on 72 sample areas in North Rhine-Westphalia. On behalf of the State Agency for…
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01.09.2023 in Nature Conservation, News, Research & Development

Successful Conclusion of the VIBEE Project’s Closing Meeting

From August 24th to 25th, 2023, the closing meeting of the project "VIBEE" took place. The project, which focused on the development of vitality indicators for honey bees, concluded its…
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29.08.2023 in Umwelt & Naturschutz

Cold-blooded Jewel

The species list of our field work this year is veeeeeery long. Much like this pretty smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), which we recently discovered under a snake board during one…
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24.08.2023 in Ecotoxicology, Forschung & Entwicklung, News, Umwelt & Naturschutz

Publication: Drivers and pressures of insect decline in PLOS ONE

On 23.08.23, our literature review on trends in beetle and butterfly populations was published online in the journal Plos One. In this study, we analysed a total of 82 publications…
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14.08.2023 in News

We will be there – ECEM 2023 in Leipzig

The 9th European Conference on Ecological Modelling will take place from 04-08 September 2023 in Leipzig, Germany. We participate with part of our gaiac modeling team presenting a new version…
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14.08.2023 in News

Wir sind dabei – ECEM 2023 in Leipzig!

Die 9. European Conference on Ecological Modelling findet vom 04. –08. September 2023 in Leipzig, Deutschland statt. Dort werden wir mit einem Teil unseres Teams vertreten sein und die Weiterentwicklung…
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22.05.2023 in News, News

61st DGL course by Gustrav Stresemann Institut

The Gustav Stresemann Institute, together with the German Society for Limnology, Working Group Taxonomy, is organising the 61st DGL course "Einführung in die Bestimmung der Wasserkäfer unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der…
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25.04.2023 in News

Meet us at the 33rd SETAC in Dublin!

The 33rd SETAC Europe annual meeting will take place from 1 - 4 May 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. gaiac will present its work in one talk and numerous posters. One…
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19.04.2023 in News

Postgraduate course aquatic ecotoxicology 2023

The course “Aquatic Ecotoxicology” was held at the gaiac Research Institute from 27 to 31 March 2023 as part of the postgraduate course (GDCh/SETAC GLB) and was successfully completed by…
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17.04.2023 in News

Doctoral Examination Mathias Reininghaus

The entire gaiac team congratulates our colleague Mathias Reininghaus on passing his doctoral examination! His doctoral thesis is dedicated to the topic “Evaluation and development of passive sampling techniques on…
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08.03.2023 in News

Limnological monitoring of the Blausteinsee

On behalf of Eurofins Hygiene Institut Berg GmbH, the gaiac research institute is once again investigating the Blausteinsee, a lignite mining lake near Eschweiler. The purpose of the monitoring is…
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23.02.2023 in News

DGL course “Determination of Trichoptera larvae”

The Gustav Stresemann Institute, in conjunction with the German Society for Limnology, Working Group Taxonomy, is organising the 60th DGL course "Determination of Trichoptera larvae" in March 2023, in which…
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17.02.2023 in News

Global Soil Biodiversity Conference (GSB) in Dublin

The third Global Soil Biodiversity Conference (GSB) will take place in Dublin from 13 to 15 March 2023. The gaiac research institute will be represented there and will present the…
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19.01.2023 in Research & Development

Soil related indicators

In cooperation with ahu GmbH Aachen (coordination) and other partners, we are working on the project "Expansion and further development of soil-related indicators for national and EU-wide reporting on climate…
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14.10.2022 in News

Monitoring of shallow lakes in the urban Cologne area

This year, the gaiac research institute has again carried out the monitoring of 16 Cologne urban water bodies on behalf of the Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln (StEB). We have been continuously investigating…
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14.09.2022 in News

Comparative study of two mesocosm systems (Pond and Stream)

With the help of a comparative mesocosm study, which is being carried out by a Master's student from the Institute of Environmental Research at RWTH Aachen University together with Bayer…
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06.06.2022 in Nature Conservation

New publications on the topic of “Monitoring of soil organisms” published

The topic of monitoring is currently the focus of various institutions at all political levels as well as numerous research institutions. Long-term studies of various ecological indicators are being designed,…
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24.05.2022 in News

Development of a digital tool for the evaluation of algae tests

We are pleased to participate in a cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Research at RWTH Aachen University on the development of a digital tool for the evaluation of ecotoxicological…
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11.05.2022 in News

Meet us at the SETAC Europe 32nd annual meeting in Copenhagen!

The SETAC Europe 32nd annual meeting will take place from 15 - 19 May 2022 as a physical meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark featuring limited virtual components for remote participants. gaiac is…
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03.05.2022 in News

BeeMonitor – Pollutants in bees and bumblebees in cooperation with Serbia

In cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen and the University of Belgrade, Serbia, the two-year project "BeeMonitor" has started. In this project, the pesticide and heavy metal…
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06.04.2022 in News

R2K-Klim – Urban structural parameters for Duisburg

For the municipality of Duisburg, different urban structure parameters have been determined on the basis of RGBI aerial photographs and the normalised digital terrain model (nDOM). Their intersection not only…
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23.03.2022 in News

19th Meeting of the Research Advisory Board

We were very pleased to welcome our advisory board, chaired by Dr. Christoph Schulte, back in attendance for the 19th meeting. As usual, current topics and trends in the research…
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26.01.2022 in News

Expert Panel: Soil Biodiversity at the NMZB

In 2021, the National Biodiversity Monitoring Center (NMZB) started its work. The NMZB brings together stakeholders from research and practice to further develop and anchor nationwide biodiversity monitoring in the…
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20.01.2022 in Nature Conservation

Monitoring of carabids and spiders in the FFH area “Upper reaches of the Rur”

Within the framework of the LIFE project "Patches & Corridors" and on behalf of the Biological Station StädteRegion Aachen e. V., the gaiac research institute will carry out the second…
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03.11.2021 in News

Publication: Edaphobase Country Studies

We are very pleased to announce that the extensive soil ecology results on vegetation and soil organisms, collected as part of the Edaphobase country studies, are now published in the…
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12.10.2021 in Research & Development

UBA Report: Pesticide/Biodiversity Monitoring

We are pleased to announce that the final report on our UBA project has now been published and is available at publikationen/integriertes-monitoring-in-der-agrarlandschaft for download! In this project, we worked…
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12.10.2021 in News

The gaiac team is growing

Das gaiac-Forschungsteam hat sich in den letzten Jahren vergrößert und  unsere Aufgabenfelder sind vielfältiger und umfangreicher geworden. In unserem neuen Webauftritt stellen wir Ihnen übersichtlich und wohl strukturiert unsere Forschungsgebiete…
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