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On 23.08.23, our literature review on trends in beetle and butterfly populations was published online in the journal Plos One. In this study, we analysed a total of 82 publications on long-term studies and compiled the authors’ statements on the causes of the increasing and decreasing trends described. Intensive agricultural practices are cited as a major factor in the decline of insect populations. Climate change and pollution (including pesticides) are also cited as important factors. While most of the trends are negative, some are positive, showing that it is possible to have a positive impact on insect populations through appropriate measures. However, this would require fundamental changes.

Rumohr Q, Baden CU, Bergtold M, Marx MT, Oellers J, et al. (2023) Drivers and pressures behind insect decline in Central and Western Europe based on long-term monitoring data. PLOS ONE 18(8): e0289565.