Experimental and modelling studies from the laboratory to the field

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in carrying out ecotoxicological tests of varying complexity. Our portfolio ranges from single-species laboratory tests to more complex multi-species tests under standardized conditions to complex field studies in aquatic mesocosm ponds or in terrestrial model ecosystems (TME) with intact soil cores. We take into account the ecological requirements for the test organisms and test systems while considering the practicability and reproducibility of the test results. On the one hand, we routinely apply existing standard procedures, on the other hand, we also work on optimisation of existing methods and development of new test procedures (e.g. procedures for the testing of mayflies, or passive dosing procedures for biotests with poorly soluble substances).


Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Mechanistic effect modelling
Terrestrial Ecotoxicology
Difficult substances

Good Laboratory Practice


Taxonomic expertise

Our expertise

Mesocosm Studies

More than 3 decades experience in outdoor mesocosm studies

TME Studies

Long-term experience in terrestrial model ecosystems (TME) under outdoor conditions

Standard laboratory tests

Standard laboratory tests with green alga, duckweeds, daphnids and snails are part of our standard portfolio

Non-standard laboratory tests

Non-standard laboratory tests with mayflies, waterlouses, amphipods and cladocerans are part of our daily business

Field studies

Field studies with plant communities and soil organisms profit from our long-standing taxonomic expertise

Statistical evaluation

Our comprehensive statistical expertise in univariate and multivariate methods is available for your data evaluation

Effect modelling

We offer made-to-measure ecological models for environmental risk assessment. For specific species ready-to-use models are available.

Recent News

14.10.2022 in News

Monitoring of Cologne water

This year, the gaiac research institute again carried out monitoring of 16 Cologne city waters on behalf of the Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln (StEB). These limnological investigations have already been carried out…
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14.09.2022 in News

Comparative study of two mesocosm systems (Pond and Stream)

With the help of a comparative mesocosm study, which is being carried out by a Master's student from the Institute of Environmental Research at RWTH Aachen University together with Bayer…
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24.05.2022 in News

Development of a digital tool for the evaluation of algae tests

We are pleased to participate in a cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Research at RWTH Aachen University on the development of a digital tool for the evaluation of ecotoxicological…
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