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Environment & Nature Conservation

Consulting, expert opinions, monitoring & management

gaiac has many years of experience in the field of Environment and Nature Conservation such as  ecological expert reports, ecological implementation planning and the ecological monitoring of projects. Our expertise covers soil, terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Our staff has sound taxonomic and technical knowledge and is happy to support you in your project.

Taxonomic expertise

Our expertise

Species protection and expert opinions

We offer target-oriented planning and analyses of terrestrial and aquatic biotic communities

Floristic, faunistic mapping & monitoring

Our expertise: avifauna, flora, soil arthropods, macrozoobenthos in streams and springs, zoo- and phytoplankton

Water Framework Directive

We carry out studies of flowing waters according to the requirements of the EU WFD (macrozoobenthos, phylib)

Limnological monitoring & management

Analysis of water body status and development of management strategies for standing water bodies (lakes, ponds)

Insect and biodiversity monitoring

Quality control by monitoring

Recent News

01.09.2023 in Nature Conservation, Umwelt & Naturschutz

Pedunculate oak, sessile oak, common beech & co. – What’s growing there?

As part of the National Forest Soil Inventory (NFSI), we are currently carrying out vegetation mapping on 72 sample areas in North Rhine-Westphalia. On behalf of the State Agency for…
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01.09.2023 in Nature Conservation, News, Research & Development

Successful Conclusion of the VIBEE Project’s Closing Meeting

From August 24th to 25th, 2023, the closing meeting of the project "VIBEE" took place. The project, which focused on the development of vitality indicators for honey bees, concluded its…
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29.08.2023 in Umwelt & Naturschutz

Cold-blooded Jewel

The species list of our field work this year is veeeeeery long. Much like this pretty smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), which we recently discovered under a snake board during one…
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