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Research & Development

Public Funding & Contract Research

As a research institute, gaiac is involved in numerous inter- and transdisciplinary research projects. The topics range from ecological and ecotoxicological projects to the development of computer-based decision support systems on climate change and sustainable land management.

Good laboratory practice

Taxonomic expertise

Our expertise

Landscape modelling

Decision support through computer-based simulation models

Sustainable land management

Consider the regenerative capacity of tomorrow's ecological systems when acting today

Soil and agroecology

Protecting biodiversity in the landscape and supporting farmers

Insect and biodiversity monitoring

Concept development and implementation of monitoring for quality control

Pollutant stress on ecosystems

A good risk assessment protects us from unexpected consequences


Detection and assessment of micropollutants: "A new challenge in ecotoxicology"

Ecotoxicological test development

New challenges in substance evaluation require an adaptation of the testing strategy

Recent News

20.12.2023 in Forschung & Entwicklung, News, Research & Development

Research project: Environmental impact assessment of floating photovoltaic systems

Floating photovoltaic systems (FPV) offer great potential for the future regenerative (green) energy mix in Germany. The first systems have already been in use for years, mostly on artificial water…
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01.09.2023 in Nature Conservation, News, Research & Development

Successful Conclusion of the VIBEE Project’s Closing Meeting

From August 24th to 25th, 2023, the closing meeting of the project "VIBEE" took place. The project, which focused on the development of vitality indicators for honey bees, concluded its…
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19.01.2023 in Research & Development

Soil related indicators

In cooperation with ahu GmbH Aachen (coordination) and other partners, we are working on the project "Expansion and further development of soil-related indicators for national and EU-wide reporting on climate…
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