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The 33rd SETAC Europe annual meeting will take place from 1 – 4 May 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. gaiac will present its work in one talk and numerous posters.

One focus is the combination of experimental laboratory tests with dynamic numerical modelling. Both lethal and sub-lethal effects under the influence of variable environmental conditions such as temperature, organism density and feeding conditions are the focus of the laboratory tests. The physiological and ecotoxicological processes derived from laboratory tests are incorporated into individual-based DEB-TKTD modelling, which in turn provides the basis for population- and ecosystem-level models.

Here is an overview of our presentations at the SETAC meeting in Dublin:

Classen S, Bruns E, Gergs A, Gergs K, Hager J (2023): Application of a Feeding Inhibition Test with the mayfly Cloeon dipterum. Poster presentation on Thursday (Th105).

Koch J, Classen S, Gerth D, Strauss T, Vaugeois M, Galic N (2023): Modelling temperature-dependent life-cycle toxicity of thiamethoxam in Chironomus riparius using a DEB-based TKTD model. Platform presentation on Thursday (4.09.B.T-01).

Koch J, Dallmann N, Rakel K, Strauss T, Weltje L, Thorbek P (2023): Analysis of sublethal effects of pyraclostrobin in mysid shrimp (Americamysis bahia) using a DEB-based TKTD model. Poster presentation on Thursday (Th322).

Dallmann N, Koch J, Strauss T, Vaugeois M, Galic N (2023): Simulating life-cycle toxicity in Chironomus riparius with realistic dynamic exposure profiles and variable temperatures using a moving-time-window approach. Poster presentation on Thursday (Th325).

Strauss T, Gerhard J, Gerth D, Koch J, Vaugeois M, Galic N (2023): Food and density dependence in Chironomus riparius (Diptera: Chironomidae): Laboratory experiments to inform population modelling. Poster presentation on Thursday (Th328).

Gerhard J, Koch J, Vaugeois M, Galic N, Strauss T (2023): DEB-IBM-based population modelling of the non-biting midge Chironomus riparius (Diptera: Chironomidae). Poster presentation on Thursday (Th329).

Strauss T, Dallmann N, Koch J, Loerracher A-K, Accolla C, Schmolke A, Galic N, Ashauer R (2023): Use of hybrid ecosystem/IBM models to mimic outdoor aquatic mesocosms for pesticide risk assessment. Poster corner presentation  on Wednesday (We064).

Schmolke A, Accolla C, Galic N, Bartell S, Dawson D, Ebke KP, Gerhard J, Loerracher A-K, Mudge L, O’Connor I, Pastorok R, Preziosi D, Sackmann B, Schmidt J, Schuwirth N, Strauss T, Ashauer R (2023): Towards a virtual mesocosm for pesticide risk assessment: a comparison of four models applied to mesocosm data. Onsite platform presentation. Poster presentation on Wednesday (We063).

Hommen U, Bruns E, Ebke KP, Roessink I, Strauss T, Taylor N (2023): Are mesocosms really not suitable for the risk assessment of plant protection products? Poster presentation on Wednesday (We071).

Grau NI, Schäffer A, Stibany F (2023): Characterizing a novel passive dosing device based on 3D printing for sediment toxicity tests. Poster presentation on Wednesday (We110).