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For the municipality of Duisburg, different urban structure parameters have been determined on the basis of RGBI aerial photographs and the normalised digital terrain model (nDOM). Their intersection not only allows the separation of green and non-green areas, but also makes it possible to calculate the height and thus the volume of the structure under consideration. The following urban structure parameters can be determined with this procedure:

Green volume (Gv) in m3/m2
Building volume (Bv) in m3/m2
Green percentage (Ga) in %
Degree of overbuilding (Ueb) in %.
Degree of sealing (Vera) in %.
Total sealing (Gver) in % Unsealed / open ground in
Unsealed / open ground (Uver) in %.
Degree of shading by trees (Bes) in %.

The parameters form an essential basis for deriving climatically favourable/unfavourable urban structures or average runoff coefficients. This provides spatially concrete indications for the implementation of climate adaptation measures.

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