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Wir sind nun SETAC Europe Partner und freuen uns bei der 34. Jahrestagung der SETAC Europa in Sevilla vom 5.-9. Mai 2024 dabei zu sein. Treffen Sie uns am Messestand 115 und besuchen Sie unsere Vorträge und Poster Präsentationen:


  • Platform 4.04.T-03 – Spatio-temporal coupling of soil exposure modelling with toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic models: a case study based on a field trial – Rakel et al.
  • Poster We320 – Evaluation of two different individual-based models to simulate the population dynamics of Daphnia magna in a long-term laboratory experiment – Dallmann et al.
  • Poster We349 – “FORESEE”: A Spatial and Temporal Explicit TKTD Model for Earthworms – Dallmann et al.
  • Poster We301 – The MAD book – Evaluation of modular models in ERA – Strauss et al.
  • Poster We321 – Simulating field-realistic effects to Chironomus riparius populations from exposure to insecticides: the role of density dependence and food availability – Strauss et al.


  • Poster Th090 – Temperature related sensitivity of the green alga Ankistrodesmus falcatus exposed to Diflufenican – Grolms-Aal et al.

Andere Beiträge mit gaiac Beteiligung

  • Poster Tu110 – Is agricultural pesticide pressure of prime relevance for the composition of invertebrate communities in agricultural streams? – Hommen et al.
  • Poster We347 – Integrating Terrestrial Model Ecosystems into soil risk assessment – A Tier 3 refinement option – Schuster et al.
  • Poster Th108 – Are TKTD Models for Algae and Macrophytes Protective in a Community Context – a Simulation Study – Hommen et al.